We are trying to sell our flat. It doesn't go incredibly well, but that is the market for ya these days. Hubby and I bought a house sometime back you see. We were smart however and managed to get a clause in the contract that we didn't have to go through with the deal unless we managed to sell our flat. So far we've had three viewings and two people who have been kinda interested. One of them decided to go for something else, but the other one might still be interested. We'll see how it goes tomorrow hopefully.

I have mixed feelings about it because i love our flat, but I also fell head over heels for the house when we went to look at it in the summer. It's kind of an American/British style red brick house from the 30:s. It needs a lot of work, but I think it can be really great when it is finished. And we want a house now, lovely as the flat is it isn't practical for us now that we have a child.

The house is in the country which I think will be nice because because I long for having a somewhat more calm area to live in. At the same time I'm really a city girl so I have mixed feelings about that too :D.

I think what worries me most is actually changing Toddler Boy's preschool. He goes to a really great preschool. I know that the preschool where we are moving has every chance of being great too, but what if it isn't? Before I had a kid I thought worrying about changing your child's preschool was rather ridiculous, but now I do it myself. How one change :).


...which teddybear got to go to the teddybear party in Toddler Boy's pre-school?

Bam bam bam bam bam...

Sylvester! He is a German Steiff bear and was very proud to have been chosen.

There are lot's of other things going on in my life as well. I'll be going through them later. The short version is: I have a job, a permanent one. Those of you who have followed my journal might remember how frustrated I've been at all the temporary contracts I used to have at the newspapers where I worked. While I liked the job itself it was tiring to have to always fight to get a new contract. Now that is history. I have a permanent job and very good it is too. I love it.

Hubby and I bought a house. Or rather, we bought a house on condition that we manage to sell our flat. Fingers crossed, please.

The house is in the country, I'm a city girl at heart. This makes me somewhat nervous, but at the same time it's all lovely out there so I think I will like it. Fingers crossed for that too, please.

Blowing the dust off my journal

Maybe I should try blogging again? After all, quite a few things has happened since the last time I posted which was frigging February. How time flies.

Baby Boy is now a very lively one and a half-year-old who talks endlessly and commands me to sing all the time. Sing, sing, sing, he shouts at me. Sing, sing, sing. Even if I do sing it doesn't really matter because he continues to order me to sing.

He is in pre-school now. He seems to like it. I am now officially a pre-school mum who has to remember to bring extra trousers for rainy days, mittens, boots and that jazz. Tomorrow I have to remember to bring a teddybear cause pre-school is having a teddybear party. I asked Baby Boy, who I should perhaps rename Toddler Boy from now on, which teddybear we should bring. He has three, Sylvester, Gertrud and Beata (yes me and hubby named them). I asked, should we bring Sylvester? Yepp, was the answer and a nod. Should we bring Gertrud? Yepp and another nod. Should we bring Beata? Yepp and a third nod. So the question is, should I bring all three or should I choose one?

Now bed. I've had far too little sleep lately. Around five hours a night doesn't work in the long run.

Pee and poo

We haven't had many pee and poo accidents lately. I think I might even have become slightly spoiled and careless. Yesterday however I had to change Baby Boy's pooey nappy. All of a sudden he decided that lying still on the floor while mummy was changing his nappy was BORING. He tried to turn around and get away, I held him firmly. Or so I thought. Suddently he places his cute little foot right in the nappy full of poo. Poo on Baby Boy's cute little foot. Ok I thought, don't panic. A bit of poo on me too, but so what? We went to the bathroom and had a shower. All was fine. After our shower I stood with Baby Boy wrapped in a towel in my arms. I was watching something on the telly, waiting for him to get sufficently dry so I could get a new nappy and put his clothes on. Suddenly my tummy feels warm and wet. He peed on me. Back to the shower. This time we succeeded.

On my own.... Ahhh

Hubby is away watching the handball world championships. Sweden and Denmark have played tonight. Baby Boy is asleep. I'm hanging out in front of the computer, quite knackered but with a good relaxed feeling.

Baby Boy is doing loads of progress at the moment. He is getting more and more steady and also finding his balance alright. There is a lot of practising going on here, all the time. He has almost endless energy reserves. Unfortunately his mummy and daddy don't :).

But I have to say I'm very happy he is an energetic little darling. It's great to watch him progress and learn new stuff all the time. Languagewise there is a lot of very clipped "dukke dukke dukke dukke dukke" at the moment. Another favourite is "hey", which he actually says quite often when he sees someone (including the cat :).
The kitchen seems to be the most interesting room in the house at the moment. I've started to reorganise the stuff in it so we can try to have non-dangerous things where Baby Boy can reach them and then rest higher. At the same time I want it to be practial. I can't stand it when things like kitchens aren't practical. I moved a whole bunch of plates and bowls and some wine bottles from the low part of our posh kitchen cabinet to a high placed unit. Then I put plastic bowls and Baby Boys plates and mugs in the posh cabinet. It was just in time, because just afterwards Baby Boy learnt how to open that cabinet. Ripping everything out from there was incredibly funny apparentely :).

Another charming part of Baby Boy's development is that lately we have had one or two fights on the changing table. Or, actually, I often change him on the floor, at least he won't fall off then. It seems like he thinks it is horribly boring or something to lie on his back and change nappy. He wriggles around, he wants to sit up, stand up, crawl away. Rip out everything that is on the changing table. If he isn't allowed to do this he screams. Loads. And wriggles some more. It's fine really. He can crawl away on the floor and I crawl after him trying to get the nappy off and a new one on while he runs through all our neatly folded piles of baby clothes that are on the shelf of the changing table. It's fine. Really. Unless there is poo. It's the poo that makes it or breaks it. If there is poo you never know if you have to bathe the child and then put yourself in the shower. Hahaha. 

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Four years ago

I realised earlier this evening that today was the four year anniversary of me finding out that I had breast cancer. This is the second year in a row that I have almost forgotten about this date. Good eh?

I do get reminded of the shitty illness every now and then though. Now for example I'm working on a costume project, which I have been working on on and off for a long time. It's a very colourful and grand costume from my favourite musical The Phantom of the Opera. At the moment I'm trying to get the bodice to fit. It's a challenge, partly because I'm not used to fitting things on myself. My good friend phantomtailor  usually sort that out for me. The biggest challenge however is my wonky breasts. I know phantomtailor that you have always thought that my body is somewhat weird and twisted in shape, but now!!! Now I have two breasts that are completely off from each other. One is round (Miss football), quite perky and sits rather high. The other is Miss Mountain Top which is now a bit baggy after pregnancy and breastfeeding. The difference in height when it comes to the projection of these two body parts is not small. I'd say it is at least five centimeters, maybe more. They are different in height, in size, shape and form. No matter how I try to make the seams fit it doesn't look that great over the bust part. I'm thinking about trying to get a very low cut bra, preferably transparent that could lift my real breast so it gets nearer the fake one in height. Does anyone have any other suggestions when it comes to trying to get your breasts on the same level? I guess a breastlift on the real boob would be the best thing, but failing that...?

Actually I hope Mrs Surgeon will sort out a possible breastlift or something eventually.

This is what I'm making btw: It's supposed to have a big skirt too, but at the moment I'm working mostly on the bodice.




January: Was unemployed, pregnant, got a new computer, went to Stockholm with my parents for some shopping and to see Hairspray.

February: Got a temporary job at a freebie newspaper, still pregnant.

March: Worked loads at the freebie paper, now very pregnant. Had had a weird cough for months that eventually worried me enough to seek out Mrs Surgeon.

April: Turned 35 and spent my birthday in labour. Did a lung x-ray because of the weird cough, it turned out ok. Got to meet beautiful Baby Boy after having accomodated him in my tummy for nine months.

May: New mother, small baby, getting to know each other.

June: Start of a very nice summer full of family time and lovely weather.

July: Even more of nice summer, family time and lovely weather.

August: Reality starts creeping in, should try and organise something for myself to do after maternity leave. Still, it's summer, family time and lovely weather.

September: I should really try to organise something.

October: I start looking for a job big time. I send in applications, I write to editors etc, etc.

November: Interviews, failure in finding a job, starting to despair thinking that I'm doomed, I'll never get anything that isn't a temp job, maybe I won't get even that anymore?

December: Two more interviews, Baby Boy's first Christmas. I get a permanent job.

All in all a very good year. I hope 2011 gets even better.
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Merry Christmas

So I'm a wee bit late, but I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I just got home from my parents where we spent Christmas eve and today. Tomorrow we'll be going to the inlaws. I got many lovely presents, like books, money, posh towels, chocolate and quite a lot more. Tomorrow I'll be getting more presents from the in-laws as well, yay!

Anyway, I got the best present the day before Christmas Eve. When we had packed the car and were ready to go to my parents the telephone rang. It turns out that I have a job now. A permanent job. As in a job that doesn't end three weeks or three months later. As in a job that is actually supposed to continue, like an open ended run. The second interview I went to really payed off. We couldn't talk much about when I'm supposed to start etc since the holidays were comming up, but it should be in a couple of months, maybe three. Hubby just have to clear it with his job since he is supposed to be home with Baby Boy for a while now. So where is this job then and what is it? I'm going to work in church with communication. I'm going to handle the information, communication, pr and stuff like that. It's something of a new field for me, even though it is within my area. I'm really excited.

And tired. Baby boy was santa in a cute red outfit yesterday. Tomorrow he'll wear it again for Christmas with the in-laws. He looks adorable in it.

Oh my...

You know that job I wrote about in my last entry, the one I sent an application for but didn't think that I would get an interview for? Well, it so happens that I did get called for an interview. I can hardly believe it. As far as I can tell from the ad this job would be a step up on the career ladder, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here. It's quite grand to just be called to an interview in this case. They called me yesterday and of course my phone chose that particular moment to start acting up like crazy. They called, introduced themselves and then the phone fucked up. I got really excited of course, which made Baby Boy excited. He started crying for attention, I tried to fix the crazy phone. Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I'm having the interview on Tuesday.

I have actually been on an interview with this company once before, about eight years ago, with this particular person who called me yesterday. He remembered me. I thought that was quite good :).

Keep your fingers crossed for me on Tuesday.